The Dharma Bums

"I walked out on 1st Avenue and accidentally found all kinds of goodwill stores with wonderful sweaters and red underwear for sale …

and I had a big breakfast with 5 cents coffee In the crowded market morning with blue sky and clouds scudding overhead and waters of Puget Sound sparkling and dancing under piers.  It was real true northwest”

Porsche 912E

Out in the fog on valley roads with this amazing 1976 Porsche 912E in Grandprix white on Cinnamon. This 912E was a 1 year, US only model built as a transition between the 914 and the 924. Of 2099 cars built this is number 2066

A day on the river with R.L. Winston


4:30 a.m.

If your body clock is tuned to fishing time, this collection of numbers
feels very natual to you. The alarm clock is set for 5, but really, it is only
a back up plan. 

To be totally honest - if someone had mentioned things like
“sleep in the truck” and “first in at launch” - our story would have started there.

Webster says Anticipation “Implies a prospect or outlook that involves advance suffering or enjoyment of what is foreseen.” Oddly enough, the same definition appears under - are we there yet?

That first cast takes away any mental noise rolling around in your head. The 20th and 50th have you firmly set in the moment.  Water rolling over rocks, the metronome of line looping back and forth.

Time well spent.

A day on the Big Hole with friends.
We will be day dreaming about this one for awhile.

Thank you Adam and the entire crew at Winston. Looking forward to many more adventures.


Rods: The new Winston PURE | Reel: @bauerflyreel SST

Sports Showcase Reel

We're all PROs in our own mind and it hurts all the same.  Some of us are just faster than others.

Showcase REEL

Grab a snack and take a break from the daily grind. There are no laser cats, but if you are really craving that let us know. We have links. 

Escape to Mexico

Blue skies, sand and salt, on doctor's orders.  Had to go.

Brooks - Black Girls Run

Being the only person of color she could see at her first 10K inspired Toni, along with Ashley, to start Black Girls RUN!.  They have since been joined by over 200,000 other women looking to empower themselves and better their lives.  It was an amazing trip to Atlanta to shoot Toni and Ashley, along with some other BGR women, for Brooks.  The energy and love was cranked to 11.