A day on the river with R.L. Winston


4:30 a.m.

If your body clock is tuned to fishing time, this collection of numbers
feels very natual to you. The alarm clock is set for 5, but really, it is only
a back up plan. 

To be totally honest - if someone had mentioned things like
“sleep in the truck” and “first in at launch” - our story would have started there.

Webster says Anticipation “Implies a prospect or outlook that involves advance suffering or enjoyment of what is foreseen.” Oddly enough, the same definition appears under - are we there yet?

That first cast takes away any mental noise rolling around in your head. The 20th and 50th have you firmly set in the moment.  Water rolling over rocks, the metronome of line looping back and forth.

Time well spent.

A day on the Big Hole with friends.
We will be day dreaming about this one for awhile.

Thank you Adam and the entire crew at Winston. Looking forward to many more adventures.


Rods: The new Winston PURE | Reel: @bauerflyreel SST