One of the true pleasures of this business is helping bring peoples ideas to life. Conversations that usually involve a napkin and the words "here is a crazy idea." After many years of listening we decided to grab a pile of our own napkins and see what happened. Our goal was to test ideas and not think small.

Motofish Coffee and the idea that specialty coffee should be able to be served anywhere was born. If you aren't familiar with a Unimog - it can go anywhere you point the wheels. Maybe not fast - but wrapped in sno-camo, branded to beg more questions - Slayers of worms? What? - We made it impossible to miss. A built in conversation starter - which is half the battle when building a brand.

Once you have peoples attention - your product has to deliver. Premium third wave coffee kept people coming back for more.
Travel & Leisure confirmed that we were on track and voted us a "The Best Coffee to Go in Seattle."

Long live the pursuit of crazy.

What we did

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