When the phone rings and the question on the other end is "Do you fish?" Our answer tends to be a little more complicated. Are you asking about steelhead or bone? Salt or fresh?  Trout or tarpin?

Now, when Sage calls and you have fished with them before - all they want to know is: are your bags still packed?  Let's go.

Mexico. Location: Punta Allen. Grand Slam Fishing Lodge.  5 days on location.
Assignment: Still and Video of Saltwater flyfishing for the launch of the Sage SALT series of flyrods and reels.
Deliverable: Library of still images. Overall brand launch video, Rod specific video, and social videos

Chile. Location: Coyhaique, Chile. 7 days on location shooting a variety of fishing on lakes, steam and rivers.
Assignment: Still and video capture for Sage rebranding.
Deliverable: Library of still images.  Brand video shoot for all freshwater series of rods and reels. 

Eastern Washington. Location: Yakima and Grant county rivers
Assignment: Still capture for collateral and website to support new river series of reels, lines and rods
Deliverable: Library of still imagery


Director of Photography: Greg Sweney
Stills and video: Greg Sweney / Chris Cumming / Bill Rugen
Producer: Greg Sweney
Edit: Motofish