What a wonderful word - escape. As a runner it paints a life canvas filled with images of dirt, mud, amazing vistas, the art of city scapes and friends. Oh, the friends. You know the ones - yes is always the answer before you can even ask the question.
We told these stories in a way that highlights product as the fabric and glue that brings experiences to life.
- Trail: The un-charted magic of getting “lost” in the woods.
- City Center: I love my city. Let me give you a tour.
- City View: On a runners holiday. Every corner reveals something new.

This suite of tools included:
Photo libraries for each category
Custom type design
All digital assets - Landing pages, email templates, category pages
3 minute brand style videos and cut downs for all social channels.



Creative Director / Designer: Troy Nebeker
Writer: Troy Nebeker
Director of photography: Greg Sweney
Still and video: Greg Sweney / Chris Cumming
Producer: Bill Rugen / Motofish
Edit: Motofish
Client: Brooks