Our friends at Blueseventy asked if we could help develop their brand voice and design to better reflect a deep understand of what it means to be a swimmer. Having spent a fair bit of time staring at the black line it felt like second nature to put it into words.

"There isn’t a second that goes by when we aren’t thinking about you. How you eat, breathe, train, play, win, lose, suffer, and celebrate. How swimming is every part of what makes you tick. Faster, go faster, be faster, get faster, we can make you faster, don’t dog it, faster, where is it? Did you lose it? Come-on faster, that’s too slow. Pretty sure you were faster yesterday. Then go faster.

But everyone seems to forget what it takes to actually be faster. They see the times, the victories, the defeats, but seem to miss the 4 a.m starts, the two-a-day 4,000 yard grinders, open water practice when it’s so frigid that it feels closed. That special way your bag smells at the end of the week.

This is where we thrive. There is no substitute and no way around it. It’s what it takes to not just swim, but to be called a swimmer.

Blueseventy. All for the swim."


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