If you jumped in a time machine, set the clock back to 2005 and zipped over to Redmond, Washington, you would see two commercial photographers, Greg Sweney and Chris Cumming, collaborating on a new business venture. They were about to hatch a business model with a very unique name; Motofish Images. Greg and Chris understood clients and projects would be better served by two photographers versus the traditional model of a solo shooter.   

Eight years later, the original idea rings true but the industry has changed. We noticed a few key things. Image is king and style is mandatory. In less dramatic language - an idea has to be beautiful and smart to stand out. There needs to be a concept and a conversation between the viewer and the brand.  Adding a seasoned creative director to the mix gives our clients piece of mind knowing we understand this and thrive in it.

Today, Motofish has become a brand building creative agency and production company. Our services include concept and brand design, video capture, production and editing as well as offering in-house product photography, retouching and prepress services.

What began as our focus and remains is that we are excited about our work and welcome the opportunity to hear about yours.


4,810 square feet of studio space is very unique in the Redmond area. With a wide open floor plan and work space in the loft we can shoot everything from high paced product shoots, to lifestyle or anything else we can dream up.

The Nuts and bolts: Natural light floor to ceiling roll up garage door, full edit suite, lockers and bike hangers, 2 enclosed client offices, shower, kitchen (sadly no oven), large projection screen, ample parking and more than one office dog.

Greg Sweney | owner, DIRECTOR /photographer

Georgia native, but home is the PNW. Grew up in family of artists. Married my art school sweetheart. Two lovely children and one monster puppy. I like options and double checking. Can obsess over clouds, water and roads. Being outdoors makes me happiest. Key lime pie anytime. Interested in most everything.  Always have an emergency banana. 
phone: 206-459-3229

Chris Cumming | owner, DIRECTOR/photographer

Chris was born in Greenwich, CT and after 18 years of watching his father commute to Wall Street when it was time for college Chris studied economics at Denison University.  After college Chris entered the investment business and what he quickly learned was that ‘quantitative analysis’ was not his strong suit.  Art school sounded a whole lot better and a few years later Chris became the ‘moto’ in Motofish Studio where he serves as a photographer and director.  Chris lives in Seattle with his wife and son whom he occasionally has to leave for work and often times the commute involves an airplane.  Chris’ favorite part of Motofish are the people, ‘our friends have become our employees and our clients have become our friends’. His favorite part of dinner is dessert.
phone: 206-931-5576

Troy Nebeker | creative director, designer

The Golden retriever of people as described by his youngest daughter. A creative by nature and a dreamer of all things water by design.
phone: 425-785-9372

Bill Rugen | Producer, girl friday

Born a Yooper, educated as a Spartan, worked as a fisheries oceanographer, reads a lot, curls a lot, plays golf poorly, and does whatever is needed at Motofish.
phone: 206-353-3221